MK-6 Non-Solar Control Unit with Nifty Fifty Hanging Container

Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders
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The MK-6 Non-Solar Control Unit features four feed times available with a motor run time of 3, 6, or 9 seconds for each feeding. The unit has a low power circuit to conserve battery power and a keyboard lockout switch to prevent accidental changes to programming.

The MK-6 Control Unit is supplied with a 6 volt alkaline lantern battery, mounting hardware and wind proof spinner. All plastic used in Control Units is Virgin Polycarbonate with UV inhibitors added (same tough, flexible material that is used in safety glass).

The Nifty Fifty octagon shaped hanging container holds 50 pounds of shelled corn. Made of ABS Plastic with UV inhibitors added. Includes galvanized chain and special dome lid. Light and easy to move. Light, easy to move and very portable. For front or back yard use, for feeding deer, birds, wildlife, etc. Also ideal for bow-hunters.