About Us

The Lone Star State

TEXAS is the largest hunting state in the United States.
Established in 1979, Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders of Texas is based in San Antonio, TX and provides deer feeders and other hunting and wildlife supplies worldwide. Our high quality deer feeders have every conceivable feature that we could think of and yet are easier to set and program than any of our previous Wildlife Feeder Control Units! Spin-Cast’s deer feeders and wildlife accessories are designed for both hunters and naturalists. You will find what you need for hunting and the outdoors. Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders of Texas uses the most advanced technology available to provide the highest quality deer feeders possible worldwide.

My late father, Earl E Cureton, created Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders of Texas in 1979. He passed away in May 1995 – One of his claims to fame, so to speak, was to always make his latest product better than the last one!! I am so very proud of all of his accomplishments. We worked together at Spin-Cast. When he passed away, my late mother Jeane P.Cureton and I carried on and will do our very best to continue fulfilling his goals and follow his lead of building a strong reputation of continued service to Spin-Cast customers.
Spin-Cast’s feeders are “RUGGEDIZED” – more than ever!!! Our goal is to carry on by making available the very best, dependable and long-lasting top quality “RUGGEDIZED” products possible.

Our best to you–

Steve Earl Cureton