About Us

Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders has been providing quality deer, fish and wildlife feeders nationwide since 1979!


Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders was founded in San Antonio, Texas by United States Air Force veteran Earl Cureton. Mr. Cureton was an innovative creator who had a desire to make hunting and wildlife appreciation easier. He originally created simple mechanical timers for feeding which in time evolved into state-of-the-art digital timers. Many have said that Mr. Cureton created the world's first fully digital feeder timer. What started as a dream in a garage soon turned into a fledgling business as word spread of his creations and innovations.

Today, we are committed to honoring Mr. Cureton's legacy and continuing to offer quality products with friendly service. All of our products are proudly made in Texas with many locally-sourced components. We are proud of our past and excited about our future with upcoming innovations and products!


Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders, Inc.

The Texas Original - Since 1979